New Features


  • 3 new methods of option generation added in addition to the existing Cross Product method: Random, Like This, and Combine Favorites. Read more...
  • Update parallel coordinates display to be faster



  • Variation Control:  You can now select the inputs that can vary and also specify the number of stops for each available slider to better control option generation
  • Link to "What's New" from Fractal interface
  • Updated UI for more clarity (added tooltips, moved of generate buttons, added column titles)




  • You can now mark your favorite design options with a star in the upper left corner of each designs thumbnail to find them quickly 
  • Sorting designs by 'is favorite' will bring them to the top (or bottom) of the sort order
  • Other users with access to a workspace can also see (and change) the designs marked as favorites
  • Setting favorites will persist from one session to the next.

Reference Files

  • You can now download referenced files when .dyn is downloaded

Bug Fixes

  • Fractal can now better display geometry conceived of in mm.  
  • Sorting is now more stable
  • Geometry in "big window" should now update better when setting current option