Getting Started

Getting Started with and using the Project Fractal Alpha

Getting Started


  1. If you want to create your own Fractal content, install the latest released version of Dynamo Studio 2017  or use the free Student Version of Dynamo Studio.  Then upgrade to Dynamo 1.2 by following these instructions.  If you just want to play with existing samples, go to step 2 and then use the sample files at
  2. Login to Project Fractal with the AutodeskID that you want to whitelist (this will fail but will put you on the whitelist request list).
  3. Contact the Project Fractal team with the email address associated with your Autodesk ID so that we can whitelist your address for access to Project Fractal.
  4. Review guidelines below about what Dynamo nodes work with Project Fractal.
  5. Publish a Workspace from Dynamo Studio to Project Fractal.  File menu>Send to Web...
  6. Visit a list of Dynamo workspaces published to your Autodesk ID directly by accessing Project Fractal.
  7. Once you've selected and opened a workspace in Project Fractal, you can generate options, save custom options, and/or sort and filter all of the options in your Dynamo workspace.
  8. Contact us at and tell us what you think! 


  1. Only native Dynamo nodes are eligible to run in Project Fractal - same rules as the Dynamo Customizer described here.
  2. Slider inputs will vary automatically in Project Fractal after pressing "Generate", combining min max and median values for each input.
  3. Numerical inputs will not vary but can be set to different values and saved manually as different options.
  4. Thumbnails created on save or generate are derived from the position of the model in the main view.
  5. Nicknamed watch nodes that contain a number or a boolean value can be used for outputs (these will show up orange in the parallel coordinates graph).


Known Issues

  1. If your graph includes a String node with IsInput checked, it will show up as an input, but changing the string will have no effect.
  2. Watch nodes that have a nickname will show up as Project Fractal outputs if they have a Number or Boolean value, but if the Watch node has a List value it will remain blank.
  3. In some cases the thumbnail image may show an incomplete or incorrect picture of a design's geometry.
  4. The "three squares" icon that indicates that Fractal is waiting for server computation may sometimes get stuck; if it lasts longer than expected, try refreshing the browser page.
  5. Dynamo Workspaces that use Python nodes or Dynamo packages may not run correctly; contact the Project Fractal team if you have a Dynamo Workspace that you can't run for this reason.
  6. Dynamo Workspaces that produce a lot of detailed geometry may cause performance to suffer; please share these graphs with us so we can study the issue and improve performance.
  7. Publishing a Workspace from Dynamo Studio without running it first can result in unexpected behaviors of Project Fractal outputs. If you don't see all the outputs you expect, try re-running your Dynamo Workspace locally and republishing it.
  8. Designs are currently being sorted by string even if the value is a number. This may cause unexpected sorting results.